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FollowMyHealth Portal

Keep up to date with your medical records with FollowMyHealth, a FREE online tool that provides a simple, secure way to see your healthcare history and make informed decisions about your future healthcare needs. It requires no downloads or installation and is accessible using your internet browser, making access a simple process of signing in using your login and password.

In compliance with HIPAA laws and legal privacy, proxy access is available for minors and dependents. 

Having access to your healthcare records puts you in control. FollowMyHealth is the latest in healthcare connectivity. Once you sign up you’ll be able to review the results of your latest procedures online as soon as they are available. You can schedule appointments with your provider, request prescription refills and more.

Telehealth is now easier to access!

As of December 31, 2023, telehealth appointments will no longer be accessed through FollowMyHealth. FMH will still be your patient portal, and all other functions will remain the same. Click below to learn how to schedule telehealth appointments.

Learn More About Telehealth

Call our customer care center at 731-422-0213. You will be greeted by one of our contact center agents who will gladly start this process for you.

The agent will ask for your name, address, phone number, email address, and insurance information. Please have as much of this information available when calling to set up your FollowMyHealth account.  

If you are not a current Jackson Clinic patient, a chart will have to be created for you. Once the contact center agent creates your chart with a phone number and email address, you will receive an email within the next few minutes.

Open the email and follow the below steps to create your account. Please make note of the "code" needed to complete your account. The "code" will be either the last four numbers of your Social Security Number, or the four numbers of your year of birth.


The FollowMyHealth patient portal allows established primary care patients to schedule their own appointment. All primary care providers have this feature enabled.

If you have an urgent problem or need to see a provider today, please contact our appointment line.

Call to Schedule

To schedule your own appointment:

  • While logged into the portal, select the "Schedule” link at the top right portion of the page. 
  • Choose “Schedule Your Own Appointment.”
  • Select your primary care provider. 
  • Select "Schedule Your Own Appointment." 
  • Choose between “Next Available” or “View Calendar.”
  • Select the Appointment Time that fits your schedule. 
  • Type in the Reason for your Appointment. 
  • Select “Schedule Your Appointment”
  • Your appointment is now scheduled!

Video Demonstration


FMH messaging is not for urgent or emergent requests and is not automatically sent to the available on-call provider. FMH messages are sent to the specific provider/nurse; if they are not on-call it may be at least a few days before these messages are seen.

A patient or parent can reach the provider on call by contacting the main clinic number at 731-422-0213 which is always open for calls. This is the avenue for any emergency or after-hours contact. 

If it is not urgent and you would prefer to message, FollowMyHealth messaging is only available Monday – Friday during normal business hours.

Our staff and providers will respond to your message as soon as possible during normal business hours. We kindly ask you follow these guidelines when communicating via FollowMyHealth:

  • If you are experiencing a new problem or complaint, please make an appointment.
  • If you are requesting a new medication, please make an appointment.
  • Do not submit any urgent or emergent request. If you have an urgent request, please call the office at 731-422-0213.
  • It may take a few days to receive a response. Responses to messages will be sent during regular business hours. If you have an urgent request, please call the office.
  • Please refrain from sending multiple messages. This will delay the review process.
  • If you need an appointment, you may schedule this through FollowMyHealth Appointment Request. This does not require a message to your provider.
  • If you need a prescription renewal, you may request this through FollowMyHealth Prescription Renewal. This does not require a message to your provider.

FollowMyHealth (FMH) is The Jackson Clinic’s primary patient portal. FMH offers interactive features for patients to engage with their health records and communicate with their providers. In addition to FMH, patients can opt to use an alternative patient portal MyLinks. MyLinks primarily serves as a repository for health records without interactive features, but it requires an FMH account to be set up first. Since it is a 3rd party app, MyLinks is not supported by The Jackson Clinic staff.

Patients who are looking for interactive features, such as online communication with clinic staff or additional tools for managing their health, may prefer to use FollowMyHealth. However, MyLinks could be useful for patients who simply need a secure place to access and store their health records, possibly from multiple medical facilities.

Instructions for MyLinks

  • Go to and click register as a new user.
  • Enter the required information. When setting up a MyLinks account, the website will ask for your current FMH username and password.
  • You'll receive an email from MyLinks. Click the link to confirm your email address and be taken back to the site.
  • Fill out all required fields and click Save to finish your profile.
  • Click Health Record on the top navigation, then Gather
    • Reminder: the website will ask for your current FMH username and password. The patient must have a FMH account to use MyLinks.
  • Search for your health clinic. i.e. "The Jackson Clinic PA.” Click Get Health Record.
  • When the authorization window appears, enter the credentials you set up at the clinic's portal and proceed.
    • Once access has been granted, the records will be downloaded and saved to your MyLinks account.

Download FollowMyHealth

Click the button for your device to access or download FollowMyHealth:

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