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Testicular Cancer

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Testicular cancer most commonly occurs in young men aged 15 – 30 years, however it can occur at all ages of life. There are several different types of testicular cancers, with seminoma being the most common, and most of them being low stage.

Symptoms & Diagnosis

Testicular cancer is most commonly discovered incidentally, when a lump is detected by the patient in the testicle. All lumps in the testicle, especially in young men, should be quickly evaluated by a urologist.

Initial evaluation for suspected testicular cancer may involve an in-office exam, ultrasound, blood work, and possibly more advanced imaging such as CT scans.


The survival for testicular cancer is very high if treatments are received without delay after diagnosis.

If cancer is identified, then an orchiectomy (removal of the testicle) is usually recommended. Additional treatments such as radiation, chemotherapy, or additional surgery may be recommended depending on the type of cancer and the stage.