Midwifery Services

Certified Nurse Midwife Services 

Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs) are nurses who have gone on to earn a Master’s or Doctorate degree in midwifery. They are prepared providers who specialize in women’s health. CNMs provide care for women of all ages, handling annual exams, gynecological care, birth control, common primary care concerns and comprehensive prenatal care. Midwives attend births at home, in birth centers and in hospitals. Of all births attended by midwives, 95% occur in a hospital setting. In 2014, CNMs/CMs attended 332,107 births in the United States—a slight increase compared to 2013.

Prenatal care with a midwife means personalized, evidenced based care, including routine prenatal visits and appropriate screening during pregnancy. Midwives are known for spending time educating women and including them in their healthcare decisions. During labor, a patient may choose a natural birth or pain management, including an epidural. Midwives care for women in low-risk pregnancies but are highly trained to respond to most complications in labor and delivery. They work closely with the obstetricians on the team with any problems that may arise.

Women may also choose a CNM for their healthcare needs. Annual exams and screenings, including mammograms, can be taken care of by a midwife. Common primary care concerns can be addressed by a midwife and medication prescribed as needed. Also, moms who are breastfeeding can utilize their midwife for lactation support.

At The Jackson Clinic, we want your birth experience and your women’s healthcare needs to be just that: yours. That’s why we offer midwifery in addition to the physicians and nurse practitioners in our obstetrics and gynecology department. Interested in learning more about midwifery as an option for your pregnancy or healthcare needs? Call us today to set up a consultation.