Accepted Insurances

Back in the Network for BlueCross S

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The Jackson Clinic is a participating provider in the following eighteen plans being offered on the Exchange:

All eight (8) Community Health Alliance plans (bronze, silver, gold and platinum)
BlueCross B04P, a multi-state plan (bronze)
BlueCross S09P, a multi-state plan (silver)
BlueCross S11P, a multi-state plan (silver)
BlueCross S12P, a multi-state plan (silver)
BlueCross G08P, a multi-state plan (gold)
BlueCross G11P, a multi-state plan (gold)
BlueCross Networks S and P
Blue Care
Blue Advantage

Finding The Jackson Clinic's Participating Providers on the Health Insurance Exchange Marketplace

On the website, there are a total of 38 health plans listed as available to individuals in rural West Tennessee region, and 30 of those plans are BCBST plans. 

About the Health Insurance Marketplace

Here is some basic information about the Health Insurance Exchange marketplace.  Plans listed as “bronze” plans have a combination of a high deductible and a high co-insurance percentage, such that the “bronze” plans will cover about 60% of healthcare expenses (so the individual will be responsible for about 40% of healthcare expenses). For a young, healthy individual, this sort of coverage provides basic insurance protection against an unexpected serious injury or illness, but most routine healthcare expenses (such as one or two office visits, lab tests and prescription drugs obtained during a year) will be paid 100% out-of-pocket by the individual.

A “silver” plan covers about 70% of healthcare expenses (the individual is responsible for the remaining 30% of expenses).  A “gold” plan covers about 80% of healthcare expenses (the individual is responsible for about 20% of expenses), and a “platinum” plan covers about 90% of healthcare expenses.

Obviously, as the coverage increases the monthly premium cost gets higher — a “bronze” plan might have a premium cost of $150-200 per month, while a “gold” plan might cost $250-300 per month. For someone with a serious or chronic illness, the increased premium cost for greater coverage might be considered a good value. For a young, relatively healthy person, the best value might be found in a lower cost “bronze” or “silver” plan. The philosophy of the Health Insurance Exchange is to give that choice to the individual purchaser.

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