Removal of Ovarian Cysts

If you have ovarian cysts, you know how painful and frightening they can be. Ovarian cysts may be pathologic, and even malignant. While they may spontaneously disappear, dissolve with medication or be drained with ultrasound, others may require a surgical procedure to evaluate and treat. The expertly trained doctors at The Jackson Clinic are using the new da Vinci robot system to treat pathologic ovarian cysts using minimally invasive surgery. Patients come to The Jackson Clinic from West Tennessee, Paducah, Memphis, Jonesboro and Tupelo for this surgery.

The enhanced 3-dimensional visualization and control available to The Jackson Clinic physicians through the da Vinci Surgical System enables them to reach the ovaries using tiny incisions, rather than the large incision used in open surgery. Robotic technology provides surgeons with a superior tool to remove cysts (and ovaries, if necessary) with greater precision than open or other minimally invasive approaches.

For more information about ovarian cyst removal at The Jackson Clinic, contact the Ob/Gyn Department.  The experienced Ob/Gyn Doctors of The Jackson Clinic are pleased to serve patients all over West Tennessee and the Mid-South, including Jonesboro, Memphis, Huntsville and Tupelo.