Lifestyle Health & Wellness Clinic

We are happy to introduce our new Lifestyle Health & Wellness Clinic. Lisa Nwokolo, APN is working in collaboration with Dr. Natasha Mahajan to evaluate patients' lifestyle factors that affect their health. The goal of this program is to promote health and prevent illness and disability in our adult patients by creating and maintaining healthy habits by introducing lifestyle intervention. We help you create healthy habits in the pursuit of wellness.

What patients can expect when visiting our Lifestyle Clinic:

  • Participate in assessment to uncover potentially harmful lifestyle behaviors
  • Set SMART goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely

Receive a personalized lifestyle self-care plan including education and counseling to help:

  • Identify and eliminate barriers to change
  • Monitor current behaviors to determine steps to achieve better outcomes
  • Determine readiness to change
  • Encourage physical activity, healthy eating,  medication adherence and smoking cessation
  • Achieve better sleep and weight loss

Build and maintain patient-provider relationship to enable accountability

*Appointments can be made through the contact center or with any receptionist. Same day referrals are welcome.