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Doctor Articles

Bladder problems are very common, among both men and women. One of the most common (and most aggravating) problem is referred to as “overactive bladder” (OAB). Symptoms of OAB include urgency (the strong sensation of needing to urinate), which sometimes... Read more

The Jackson Clinic Announces New Pulmonary Medicine Physician


The Jackson Clinic recently added Dr. Obaid Awan to their Pulmonary and Critical Care Department. Dr. Awan joins Dr. Thomas W. Ellis, Dr. Robert J. Gilroy, Jr., Dr. Jorge N. Glass, Dr. Dana D. Hager, Dr. William I. Mariencheck, Jr.,... Read more

Jackson Clinic Announces Addition of New Hospitalist


The Jackson Clinic recently added Dr. Marvin T. Miller to their Hospitalist Department.  Dr. Miller joins Dr. William Lofton, Dr. Natasha C. Mahajan, Dr. Ryan Nerland, Dr. Osayawe N. Odeh, Dr. Aleruchi Y. Oleru, Dr. Evanna S. Proctor, Dr. Alan... Read more