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Comment: I had my tubal reversal in March 2015. The surgery was successful and in August we conceived a baby girl. Surprisingly, when our baby was about five months old, I found out that we are expecting again. This time we are having twin boys! We are so thankful to Dr. Rogers for making this possible for us.
Comment: I had my tubal reversal in May 2014. The surgery was a success and I love Dr. Rogers and how she prayed before the surgery. My husband and I had our daughter in July 2016. Even though she was early, we are expecting again and our son will be due in May 2017 and they are taking him early also. I just want to thank you and may God continue to bless you and the things that you do.
Comment: Dr Rogers did my reversal and I am currently holding my soon to be one year old baby girl. My world and blessing... thanks so much Dr. Rogers you are God send!
Comment: I had my tubes tied in January 2003, with my third son. Later I remarried and wanted to give my husband a child. I'm 38 now and we decided to do some research and came across Dr. Lisa Rogers and that was the best decision we made. I had my tubal reversal done in March 2017 and I am now eight weeks pregnant. My due date is in March 2018. We are so grateful and blessed that we chose Dr. Lisa. It only took less than three months of trying. Thank you so much! We love what you have done for us.
Comment: My experience at The Jackson Clinic was none other than a big blessing. I drove to Jackson in May 2016. From the time we arrived at the clinic the staff greeted me with smiles and respect which is what is needed with this type of surgery. Meeting Dr. Rogers was a huge success in my life. I was admitted into the hospital early the next morning to have my surgery. While I was very nervous the staff asked would I like a Chaplin to come pray with me, of course I said yes. I started my morning off with a prayer and I was soon surrounded by many doctors and nurses. After I got out of surgery I had very little pain and was able to travel home. Moving on to July 2016, I received the biggest news, I was pregnant with my fourth blessing! I was scared to death of the possibility of the baby not growing in the right area. Praise God he was and with me having a tubal reversal I was considered high risk, but I was able to see my little baby every week by ultrasound. To end my story, my baby turned one on March 6, 2018. Thank God for Dr. Lisa Rogers and staff, we will forever remember you!
Comment: I had my tubes tied in July 2007 and had my reversal February 2018 by Dr. Lisa Rogers. She was amazing and her staff was amazing as well! I’m recovering and hoping that my dream comes true without any complications. She’s the best doctor I’ve ever dealt with and Cindy was a very helpful as well. I’ll write back with my success at a later date fingers crossed!
Comment: Absolutely the best decision I have ever made!! I had my tubes tied after child number two and decided many years later I wanted another child. Dr. Rogers came highly recommended by another doctor for my reversal, and my husband and I were absolutely pleased with her and her staff!! I am now a proud mom of four beautiful children, two of which were conceived after my reversal by Dr. Rogers! We could never thank you enough for all of your help, Dr. Lisa Rogers!!
Comment: I had my tubal reversal done by Dr. Lisa Rogers, she’s amazing! I drove 8 1/2 hours to a doctor that I didn’t know or didn't know what to expect from her. I wouldn’t have had it any other way! She was a great doctor! I mean she explained everything about the surgery, what to expect and how long the surgery was going to be. She prayed for me and I was just extremely happy we chose her to be our doctor. I’m just in my healing process and praying for a bundle of joy!
Comment: In September 2016 I had my tubal reversal. October 2016 I got a positive pregnancy test. I had a big healthy baby in July 2017. I can’t thank Dr. Rogers enough for making our dream come true. We chose her because I loved the fact that she prays with you prior to surgery. That says a lot about who she is and that fits us perfectly. I thank God every day for our miracle and that He lead us to Dr. Rogers. She is definitely an amazing doctor!!
Comment: I had my tubes tied in 2005 at age 23. For 11 years I wished I hadn't. So in November 2016 at age 34 my family and I went to Dr. Rogers and had my tubal reversal done and was pregnant in February 2017. I am currently 18 weeks with no problems. Thank you Dr. Rogers, we are so super excited to meet our bundle of joy!!
Comment: I had my tubes tied after my third c-section in 20l3 after the birth of our baby girl, then a tragic event happened in March 2015 she passed away and our hearts were broken! We first decided to do foster care after about a year later, but it didn't work out due to my father having to move in with us. So we started looking into a reversal and praying about it. We began researching doctors in October 2016, started saving money and after reading several comments and talking to others who used Dr. Rogers, we decided to go see her. We scheduled to have surgery in March 2017 and met with her a few days prior. From the moment I met her I knew we made a great decision. She is a wonderful caring doctor. On surgery day she prayed over us and her bedside manner was so wonderful. In June 2017 we had a positive pregnancy test and now I am 18 weeks and due with a baby boy in March 2018. One year from reversal date and three years from the day our precious baby girl was laid in her grave. We are blessed that we met Dr. Lisa Rogers and we call this baby boy God sent and a blessing.
Comment: We met our miracle in September 2017 after Dr. Lisa Rogers performed a tubal reversal two years ago at age 36. Not only is she excellent in her skills, her belief in God also drew us to her. We will forever be grateful to her! Thank you Dr. Rogers for your assistance in helping us with getting our beautiful baby girl here.
Comment: I had my tubes tied in 2014 after having my second baby. I thought we were finished having babies, then my husband decides he wanted another one. My doctor recommended me to The Jackson Clinic to see Dr. Lisa Rogers. I researched her as much as possible, because I lived 2.5 hours away, so I never got to meet her until the day before surgery. Which that was scary enough not knowing the physician who is about to do your surgery, and not knowing anything about her office or staff. But she was wonderful!!!! I loved her and her nurses, she made me feel safe and very comfortable, and that everything was going to be okay. She's very honest and upfront and to my amazement, she came in my room to go over all of my post-op instructions right before surgery. She held my hand and said a prayer out loud! Now, that says a lot! She's very caring about her patients and has a great bedside manner and I couldn't be happier. I had my surgery October 2017 and I got pregnant the first try five - six weeks later! Now I' am 21 weeks pregnant and due with a baby girl coming August 2018! Thank you so much Dr. Lisa Rogers! I highly recommend her!
Comment: After having my tubes tied for nine years, I had them reversed. Dr. Rogers and her nurse made me feel comfortable and were very helpful throughout the process. I had my tubes reversed in 2012 and was pregnant the next month, it resulted in an ectopic pregnancy. Since then I have two healthy children and I am currently four months pregnant. Now, my best friend is trusting Dr. Rogers with her final reversal next week. I tell everyone about Dr. Rogers. My husband and I are happy to be able to expand our family.
Comment: I had my tube reversal in May 2016. After a year of trying I am now eight weeks pregnant. Dr.Rogers is truly amazing! I highly recommend her. Thank you so much!
Comment: I came to Dr. Rogers in August 2010 for my tubal reversal. I loved her and her staff! I also loved the fact that she prayed with me before my surgery. I truly believe her hands are blessed by God to help women that desire more of God’s blessings. We’ve added four more children since my reversal and now have a total of seven. Having the tubal reversal was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!
Comment: My husband and I traveled to see Dr. Rogers in January 2016 to have my one tube reversed. The entire experience was so very pleasant. I knew when I entered the small town of Jackson that God had sent me to the right place with the right doctor! I had researched for years in hopes of one day being able to have the surgery and find the perfect doctor! Dr. Rogers was definitely the one! We were pregnant by September 2016! We welcomed our beautiful baby girl, our dream come true, a little early on May 1st! She is just shy of seven months now and I look at her in awe every single day! Dr. Rogers I truly believe God has given you the gift to be able to help deliver His miracles here on earth. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!!
Comment: Had my reversal in March 2012 and we are now eight weeks pregnant! I am due in December 2018 and everything is going great. I so happy I had this procedure done. Dr. Rogers and her staff are the greatest! I could not have asked for a better crew and I can't wait to share photos of our beautiful baby in December. Thank You Dr. Rogers!
Comment: I’m from Cleveland, MS. I don’t quite remember when I had my tubal reversal, but I can say about a month or so later I became pregnant. After having the baby I became pregnant again and the girls now are six and seven. I can truly say that Dr. Lisa Rogers is the best and when I was going to my doctor for my check-ups during my pregnancy I could hear the doctor whispering to other doctors saying "Oh my God she had a reversal tubiligation and she is pregnant!" and to also hear that Dr. Rogers had to be the best. So if you thinking about having another baby, put your faith in God first, and then Dr. Rogers. Don’t let anyone discourage you because people will talk down on your decision, but when it’s all said and done and you are pregnant, they will be calling you trying to get a reversal as well! Trust me it happened to me!! Dr. Rogers thank you, I love my girls so much! Without God and you, my life would have been incomplete. They are beautiful and smart and would like for you to meet your miracle babies someday!!
Comment: Dr. Rogers is the best doctor! She is VERY honest and respectful. She guided my husband and I through the whole process. Yes, there was pain, but I know I would heal. Dr. Rogers prayed for all of us and she is the BEST tubal reversal doctor in the world. I truly would recommend her to any women who needs this type of surgery. She is very professional when it comes to her job. I just had surgery in June 2018 and I have a while to go before we try. My husband and I want to thank you, your crew, and Cindy.
Comment: I had my tubal reversal in December 2017. I’m currently pregnant, and expecting our miracle in March 2019! Dr. Rogers and Cindy were absolutely wonderful! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience, or better care. Thank you for helping to make our dreams come true!
Comment: I had my tubes tied in 2002 after my fourth child at the age of 22. I never thought that later in life I would meet my soulmate and want to have children again. Well, that is exactly what happened. I met my now husband back in 2015 and wanted to have more children. We found Dr. Rogers and her friendly staff during research of places to have my reversal. Had my operation October 2016 and my husband and I married in September 2017. I am happy to report we are now eight weeks pregnant and SO EXCITED!!!!
Comment: I had my tubal reversal in April 2017. Dr. Rogers and Cindy are amazing and make sure you are taken care of. I highly recommend if your considering this type of surgery. We are expecting our little boy in Feb 2020. I am so thankful for everything they have done for us.
Comment: I had my tubal reversal in August 2019. Dr. Rogers, nurses, and the hospital were all spectacular. They all made sure that all the information was correct and everything for the procedure was ready. Now I am recovering from the surgery. There is pain but with the medications it is manageable. Dr. Rogers and her nurse Cindy are the best. They will answer all of your questions, they will walk you through the whole process. Even after surgery if you have more questions they will answer them for you.