Removal of Adhesions

Adhesion surgery is a procedure performed to remove adhesions around the pelvic organs.  Removing adhesions may provide tremendous relief to those who are suffering the debilitating pain adhesions can cause.  Adhesions form when the peritoneum, the thin membrane that protects the pelvic organs, becomes damaged as a result of surgery, endometriosis or infection.

When the peritoneum is damaged, a sticky substance called fibrin forms on the membrane while attaching itself to the pelvic organs.  The fibrin can cause minor abdominal discomfort or severe cramp-like pain.  Occasionally, the presence of adhesions can cause bowel obstructions or impair the normal function of certain pelvic organs.

Utilizing the advanced technology of the da Vinci Surgical System, The Jackson Clinic robotic surgery is offering West Tennessee women effective, yet minimally invasive treatment option for chronic pelvic pain.

For more information about adhesion removal at The Jackson Clinic, contact the Ob/Gyn Department.  The experienced Ob/Gyn Doctors of The Jackson Clinic are pleased to serve patients all over West Tennessee and the Mid-South, including Jonesboro, Memphis, Huntsville and Tupelo.