General Surgery

When lifestyle changes, medical treatment or other less invasive treatments do not lessen your gastrointestinal condition, surgery may be a necessity.  If your physician recommends surgery, ask about The Jackson Clinic’s revolution in minimally-invasive surgery, the da Vinci Robotic Surgical System.  Using this advanced medical technology, the specially-trained physician at The Jackson Clinic performs a range of general surgical procedures with precision, dexterity and control.

The Jackson Clinic’s da Vinci robotic surgical procedures offer a minimally-invasive solution to traditional surgery for hiatal hernias, incisional hernias, colon restrictions, spleenectomy and colostomy closures.  Benefits of The Jackson Clinic’s robot general surgery include a lower risk of complications, less blood loss, reduced scarring and best of all, a faster return to living your life.

Patients come to The Jackson Clinic from Memphis, Tupelo, Jonesboro and Paducah. Learn more about how The Jackson Clinic is harnessing da Vinci Surgery to perform the most precise, minimally invasive solution to hiatal hernia complications available today.