Senior Medicare Advantage

We are excited to offer The Jackson Clinic Senior Care Advantage, a value-based care delivery model in which primary care physicians serve as the care quarterbacks for their patients. Senior Care Advantage is designed to empower our 50+ primary care providers to support the delivery of high-quality, cost-effective care for senior patients, transforming from a fee-for-service model to a patient-driven, value-based model of health care that allows for physician independence. 

The Jackson Clinic Senior Care Advantage is available to all patients who age-in or are eligible for Medicare or are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan. The program is not a health plan, and The Jackson Clinic will work with several health plans in their service areas.

To get started or for more information, click the link below to visit The Jackson Clinic Senior Care Advantage site.

Senior Care Advantage

The introduction of this approach was made possible by our partnership with agilon health, a company that empowers physicians to transform health care in their communities.