Financial Policy

Medical Services provided by The Jackson Clinic and the payment for those services are transactions between you and the clinic staff. Like any other business activity you are responsible for payment of services on the day those services are given.

The cost of medical care is determined by the nature and complexity of the illness. There is no "flat rate" for examinations and treatment. Insurance is a contract between you and an insurance company. As a service to you, the clinic makes every reasonable effort to obtain payment according to your coverage. Regardless of the type of insurance coverage you have, you are ultimately responsible for paying your medical bills. If your insurance company rejects the claim or delays payment, the clinic will bill you after 30 days for those charges. That bill is due. The fees charged at the clinic compare favorably with those in other parts of West Tennessee and will be discussed upon request by your physician and/or the Business Office.

  • Payment for out-of-pocket charges (deductibles, co-payments, non-covered charges) is expected on the date of service.
  • Payment in full for outstanding balances is required 60 days from the date of service.
  • Payment arrangements are available for balances greater than $500.

Unresolved balances may be placed with an outside collection agency. These unresolved balances may also be subject to finance charges, attorney fees and collection agency fees. Once an account has been placed for collection, future appointments may require a $100 payment before your doctor's visit. (See Credit Policy)

For your convenience The Jackson Clinic offers you several payment options:

  1. You may pay with cash or by personal check
  2. The clinic accepts Visa, Debit Card, Master Card, American Express and Discover
  3. If your balance is too large to pay, the Business Office will help you design a payment plan which may require a credit application
  4. Online Bill Payment

IMPORTANT: Always return your statement stub with your payment. If you do not have the stub, be sure the patient's full name and clinic account number are on your check.


New Patients to our clinic may be required to pay for the first visit or see a patient representative for arrangements.

Obstetrical Patients are required to make designated financial arrangements toward their charges during the months they are being cared for in pregnancy. Please contact a patient representative to make these arrangements.

Credit Policy

If your account has been placed with a collection agency, you have three (3) options when making an appointment to see a physician:

  1. $100 prepayment (includes co-pay) for today's services
  2. Reappoint when you are able to make the prepayment
  3. See a representative regarding your account